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ふんわりガーゼハンドタオル 猫忍者/Gauze hand towel NEKONINJA


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大阪南部に位置する泉州地域、特に泉佐野市は日本の2大タオル産地のひとつです。 ここで作られる泉州タオルは「後晒し」の製法で、吸水性が良く清潔で肌触りも良いのが特徴です。 生地・プリント・縫製すべての工程をプロの職人がこだわって作り上げています。 蛍光塗料は不使用で、敏感肌の方や赤ちゃんにも安心してお使いいただけるようやさしさプラス。 是非お試しください。 綿100% 日本製(大阪泉州) サイズ:約34cm×35cm The Senshu area located in the southern part of Osaka, especially Izumisano City, is one of the two major towel producing areas in Japan. The Senshu towel made here is a "post-bleaching" manufacturing method, and is characterized by its good water absorption, cleanliness, and softness. Professional craftsmen are particular about all the processes of fabric, printing and sewing. Fluorescent paint is not used, and it is a gentle plus that can be used safely by people with sensitive skin and babies. Please try it. 100% cotton Made in Japan (Osaka Senshu) Size: 34 cm x 35 cm <送料 > メ-ル便: 全国一律 180円 ※お届けまで数日かかります。 ※メール便は日曜・祝日の配達はありません。 <Shipping> EMS China / Korea / Taiwan ¥1450 Asia (excluding China, South Korea and Taiwan) ¥1950 Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe ¥3000 United States (including overseas territories such as Guam) ¥4000 Latin America (excluding Mexico) / Africa ¥3600 <Return Or Exchange Policy> Purchases made on this online shopping website cannot be exchanged or returned.